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MailFail – a story of scary newsletters and evil signup forms

(work in progress) In Internet usage, an email bomb is a form of net abuse consisting of sending huge volumes of email to an address in an attempt to overflow the mailbox or overwhelm the server where the email address is hosted in a denial-of-service attack. –¬†https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_bomb “Email bombing” is not anything new, it has […]

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CloudFail: a tactical DNS reconnaissance tool

CloudFail is a tactical reconnaissance tool which aims to gather enough information about a target protected by CloudFlare in the hopes of discovering the location of the server. Using Tor to mask all requests, the tool as of right now has 3 different attack phases. Misconfigured DNS scan using DNSDumpster.com. Scan the Crimeflare.com database. Bruteforce […]

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Just another security blog!

Hi there and welcome! This is @m0rtem from twitter/github (don’t ask why my handle is that, literally just random but anyway). I decided I needed a place for all my security related projects / research to reside and I had this domain laying around which I thought i’d use cause its fairly cool. This theme […]

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